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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


QUESTION: What services can Hiperformance Security's perform?

ANSWER: HiPerformance Security is a Licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Washington.  HiPerformance Security can performs both civil and criminal investigations. We also conduct individual background searches as well as business and corporate background investigations. 

HiPerformance Security also can, based on client needs, perform Security Risk Assessments . Our Security Assessment identifies  physical and cyber security risks and analyzies their potential impact to an organization. 

QUESTION: What kind of investigations can HiPerformance Security perform?

ANSWER: HiPerformance can perform the following types of investigations for you:

Locating People: We can find missing persons, locate someone, find address. There are many reasons why you may need to locate someone:

Investigative Screenings:  

  1. Tenant Screening
  2. Criminal Background Checks
  3. Employee Screening
  4. Vendor and Contractor Screening
  5. Executive Background Checks
  6. We can perform the following background check services.  
    • Name, Address (past & present) & Social Security Number Verification
    • Criminal Arrests and Convictions
    • County & Federal Level Civil & Criminal Record Search  
    • Bankruptcy Record Search
    • Federal Prison Search
    • State Incarceration Search
    • Sex Offender Search
    • Professional License Verification
    • Corporate Ownership  
    • Prior Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Reference Interviews - Character interviews based upon an applicants provided references.
    • Detailed Web Reference Search
    • Criminal Records
    • Identify Alias(es)
    • Identify Relatives
    • Identify Real Age
    • Lawsuits
    • Neighborhood Profiles
    • Phone Numbers
    • Judgments & Tax Liens
    • Corporate Ownership
    • Military Background
    • Property Ownership
    • Domain Name Ownership
    • U.C.C. Filings
    • Vehicle Ownership
    • Driving Records  

Business Investigations: Business Identification is useful in situations where you need to know the exact legal status, ownership and location of a company. You may have a dispute with a company or are considering legal action. You may also need to know how to contact the owner or proprietor of a business.

  • Basic Business Search:
    1. Database searches to determine identity, location, and legal status of business or company
    2. Search of various Corporate records 
  • Advanced Business Search:
    1. Investigative field work on the business
    2. Multiple county database searches
    3. Internet Profile of target business

Due Diligence and Business Background Investigation. We investigate corporations for clients who are interested in purchasing from a business, are involved in litigation with that company or are questioning who they may be hiring.  There are many reasons for conducting business background investigations, including:

  • Confirmation that the business is what it appears to be
  • Identify potential problems with the company and avoid a bad business transactions
  • Gain information that will be useful for purchasing, partnering with or hiring a company
  • Other areas we focus on can include:
    • Searching for undisclosed litigation or regulatory problems
    • verifying transactions and terms with vendors
    • interviewing former employees about the true condition of the company  

Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets. Your company's intellectual property is a valuable part of your business. Trade marks, patients and other proprietary assets are all vulnerable to internal and external threats. Victims of intellectual property theft lose money, their reputation or their client. HiPerformance can do Infringement and IP Theft Investigations including:

  • Trademark infringement investigations
  • Counterfeit Product Search and Interdiction
  • Theft of trade secrets investigations
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Product review and analysis
  • Site inspections worldwide
  • Cyber Investigations such as:
  • Cyberbullying and threats
  • Computer and Internet Fraud
  • Phishing and fraudulent domain investigations

Expert Computer Forensic Investigators. As licensed private investigators, we have the investigative skills, training, and mindset as well as technical understand to perform computer forensics. We can recover electronic evidence during a computer forensic investigation from the following types of devices:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back-up Storage Media
  • Databases
  • E-mail Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Internet Sites
  • Personal Digital Devices (Blackberries and cellular telephones)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Zip Drives

QUESTION: What type of cybercrime and computer activity can Hiperformance Security investigate?

ANSWER: We can investigate a wide variety of activities including

  1. Data Breaches & Computer Intrusions
  2. Corporate Misconduct and Espionage
  3. Computer Forensics
  4. Fraudulent Transactions
  5. Criminal Copyright Infringement
  6. Embezzlement & Extortion
  7. Internet Stalking & Harassment
  8. Web Hijacking
  9. Advanced Fee Scams
  10. Online Identity Theft
  11. Extortion
  12. Denial Of Service Attacks
  13. Insider Attacks
  14. Threat intelligence and online research


QUESTION: What are the Benefits of a Security Assessment?

ANSWER: By hiring us to provide your Information Security Assessments, you will see the following benefits:

  • Threat Exposure - We can identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities from a technical, physical, and administrative perspective.

  • Comprehensive Reporting - We provide a detailed report both from a technical and management standpoint which shows risks, vulnerabilities and discovery methods.

  • Provide management with clear and concise answers about their organization:  How well are you protecting your information from internal and external threats?

QUESTION: What is an Information Security Risk Assessment

ANSWER:  An Information Security Risk Assessment is a means of examining your organization's information security infrastructure. It identifies vulnerable areas in your environment. Your organization will then be able to prioritize which areas need to be addressed immediately and which are less urgent.

We will compare your organizations processes and practices against those defined in generally accepted security standards such as ISO27000, SSAE, HIPPA and PCI. This analysis will then identify gaps that exist within the client environment and make business decisions on how to respond to them.  

QUESTION: What is a Penetration Test

ANSWER:  Penetration testing (ethical hacking) service tests the security of your IT systems, by identifying and exploiting common weaknesses, in a safe manner, found in many organizations. We identify the most likely threats to your organization, looking at your business processes, information flows and the technology that supports your operations. This allows us to determine the vulnerability of your environment to malicious attempts to penetrate your systems.

Our penetration testing methodology is based on industry best practices that ensures that you receive quality and repeatable results, and minimizes the risk to your systems under test.

Our team uses a wide range of penetration testing tools similar to those used by hackers on the internet. Keeping up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities, trends and hacking techniques is our business.

We produce a comprehensive report for your management covering the approach taken, the techniques applied, and the vulnerabilities identified and make procedural and strategic recommendations to ensure that your systems are secure against future attack. 

QUESTION: What is the difference between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment?

ANSWER: There is often some confusion between penetration testing and risk assessment. The two terms are related but penetration testing has more of an emphasis on gaining as much access as possible while risk assessment places the emphasis on identifying security, privacy and compliance gaps. A penetration test is like any other test in the sense that it is a sampling of all possible systems and configurations. Generally testers will be unable to identify and penetrate all possible systems using all possible vulnerabilities. As such, any Penetration Test is a sampling of the environment.  

QUESTION: Why Perform Risk Assessments and Penetration Tests?

ANSWER: There are a variety of reasons for performing a penetration test.

  1. One of the main reasons is to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of reported vulnerabilities but they need an outside expert to officially report them so that management will approve the resources necessary to fix them. Having a second set of eyes check out a critical computer system is a good security practice. Testing a new system before it goes on-line is also a good idea.

  2. Find Holes Now before Somebody Else Does. At any given time, attackers are employing any number of automated tools and network attacks looking for ways to penetrate systems.  Penetration testing provides IT management with a view of their network from a malicious point of view. The goal is that the penetration tester will find ways into the network so that they can be fixed before someone with less than honorable intentions discovers the same holes. In a sense, think of a Penetration Test as an annual medical physical. Even if you believe you are healthy, your physician will run a series of tests (some old and some new) to detect dangers that have not yet developed symptoms.

  3. Report Problems to Management. If someone has already pointed out to upper management the lack of security in the environment, penetration testing results help to justify the resources to address those needs.

  4. Verify Secure Configurations. If management is confident in their actions and final results, the penetration test report verifies that they are doing a good job. Having an outside entity verify the security of the system provides a view that is devoid of internal preferences. An outside entity can also measure the team's efficiency as security operators. The penetration test doesn't make the network more secure, but it does identify gaps between knowledge and implementation.

  5. Security Training For IT Staff. Penetration testing gives security people a chance to recognize and respond to a network attack. For example, if the penetration tester successfully compromises a system without anyone knowing, this could be indicative of a failure to adequately train staff on proper security monitoring.

  6. Discover Gaps In Compliance. In today's heavily regulated environment, many organizations are looking for better ways to continually assess their compliance posture. Most regulations have multiple components specifically related to system auditing and security.

  7. Testing New Technology.  The ideal time to test new technology is before it goes into production. Performing a penetration test on new technologies, applications and environments before they go into production can often save time and money because it is easier to test and modify new technology while nobody is relying on it

QUESTION: What types of Penetration tests can we do?

ANSWER:  We can perform the following type of testing:

  • Network penetration testing
  • Server penetration testing
  • Application penetration testing
  • Database Penetration Testing
  • People (Social Engineering)
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing ("War Driving")
  • Voice Penetration Testing (War Dialing)


QUESTION: How does Hiperformance Security use Investigative Hypnosis?

ANSWER: Investigative Hypnosis is a powerful interviewing and investigative tool. It is not a method for determining the truthfulness of a statement provided by a victim or witness but rather is a tool that gives a person the ability to recall event details by concentrating without distractions while in a relaxed state. These techniques are used in order to enhance and clarify memories that a person is already aware of, or to recover memories that the person is currently unaware of.

Forensic and Investigative Memory-Enhancing Techniques can also be helpful in allowing a victim or witness of a traumatic or stressful incident to process, or resolve, and 'move on' from the experience. This is often even more important than obtaining information from the person.

QUESTION: What is Hypnosis?

ANSWER:  More information on hypnosis can be found at


QUESTION: What if I need other Private investigative services?

ANSWER: Contact us for a free consultation on how Hiperformance Security can assist you.