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Security Assessments


‚ÄčAn Information Security Risk Assessment is a means of examining your organization's information security infrastructure. It identifies vulnerable areas in your environment. Your organization will then be able to prioritize which areas need to be addressed immediately and which are less urgent.

We will compare your organizations processes and practices against those defined in generally accepted security standards such as ISO27000, SSAE, HIPPA and PCI. This analysis will then identify gaps that exist within the environment and alow management to make business decisions on how to respond to them.  

By hiring us to provide your Information Security Assessments, you can see the following benefits:

  • Threat Exposure - We can identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities from a technical, physical, and administrative perspective.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - We provide a detailed report both from a technical and management standpoint which shows risks, vulnerabilities and discovery methods.
  • Provide management with clear and concise answers about their organization:  How well are you protecting your information from internal and external threats?