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Hiperformance Security helps clients by investigating civil and criminal activity that other organizations cant or wont help with.  We can perform the following types of investigations for you:

  • Locating People: We can find missing persons, locate someone, find address. There are many reasons why you may need to locate someone
  • Investigative Screenings:  
    • Tenant Screening
    • Criminal Background Checks
    • Employee Screening
    • Vendor and Contractor Screening
    • Executive Background Checks  
  • Business Investigations:  Business Identification is useful in situations where you need to know the exact legal status, ownership and location of a company. You may have a dispute with a company or are considering legal action. You may also need to know how to contact the owner or proprietor of a business.
  • Expert cyber-investigations. As licensed private detectives, we are in a far better position to find evidence because we already have the investigative knowledge, training, and mindset. We can perform computer investigations and forensics for:
    • Cyberbullying and threats
    • Computer and Internet Fraud
    • Phishing and fraudulent domain investigations

For other investigative services, Contact us for a free consultation on how Hiperformance Security can assist you.