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Penetration Testing


‚ÄčThe Hiperformance Security penetration testing service evaluates the security of your organization, by identifying and exploiting common weaknesses, in a safe manner, that are found in many other companies. We identify the most likely threats to your organization, looking at your business processes, information flows and the technology that supports your operations. This allows us to determine the vulnerability of your environment to criminal and dangerous activities.

Our penetration testing methodology is based on industry best practices that ensures that you receive quality and repeatable results, and minimizes the risk to your systems under test.

Our team uses a wide range of penetration testing tools similar to those used by hackers on the internet. Keeping up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities, trends and hacking techniques is our business.

We produce a comprehensive report for your management covering the approach taken, the techniques applied, and the vulnerabilities identified and make procedural and strategic recommendations to ensure that your systems are secure against future attack. 

We can perform the following type of testing:

  • Network penetration testing
  • Server penetration testing
  • Application penetration testing
  • Database Penetration Testing
  • People (Social Engineering)
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing ("War Driving")
  • Voice Penetration Testing (War Dialing)